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When starting a business in Malaysia, there are only nine procedures to follow, unlike Brazil (16), China (14), India (13), the Philippines (15) and Vietnam (11).


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Starting a business in Malaysia takes only 11 days, faster than Brazil (120), China (38), India (30), Indonesia (60), Japan (23), the Philippines (52), Russia (30), South Korea (14), Thailand (32), the UK (13) and Vietnam (50).
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Only 5 procedures go into registering business property in Malaysia, ahead of Brazil (14), Indonesia (6), Japan (6), the Philippines (8), Russia (6) and South Korea (7).
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Starting a business in Malaysia is far cheaper than in India, Indonesia, the Philippines or South Korea.
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There are only 12 tax payments to be made when doing business in Malaysia, a lot fewer than Germany (16), India (59), Indonesia (51), Japan (13), the Philippines (47), South Korea (14), Thailand (33) and Vietnam (32).
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You profit more in Malaysia: the percentage of profits taxed is a mere 16.5%! Unlike Australia (25.8%), Brazil (21.3%), India (25.1%), Indonesia (26.9), Japan (33.9%), the Philippines (24.9%), South Korea (17.1%), Thailand (29%), the UK (21.9%) and the US (27.9%).
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Malaysia has moved to the Single-tier company income tax system. Under this single tier company tax system, tax on the company’s profit is a final tax, and dividends distributed to shareholders will be exempted from tax.
Ministry of Finance, Malaysia
When it comes to regulatory support for business, Malaysia is ranked 2nd, ahead of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, and Thailand.
IMD Business School
In terms of pay to productivity ratio, Malaysia at number 6 is more productive than Australia (26), Brazil (66), Canada (31), France (82), India (45), Indonesia (18), Ireland (76), Japan (12), Norway (74), the Philippines (57), Russia (11), Spain (84), South Korea (14), Sweden (59), the UK (32), the US (7) and Vietnam (17).
World Economic Forum
In the availability of venture capital, Malaysia is ranked 12th, ahead of Brazil (68), China 38), India (23), Indonesia (15), the Philippines (87), Russia (86), South Korea (64), Thailand (49), the UK (26) and Vietnam (50).
Networked Readiness
As a place to work in, Malaysia secures 12th placing ahead of China (18), India (13), Indonesia (19), Japan (42), Sweden (27), Taiwan (26) and Thailand (17).
IMD Business School
Malaysia’s companies are ranked 22nd in the world for sophistication of company operations and strategy, Malaysia is ahead of Brazil (35), China (43), India (27) and Russia (91).
World Economic Forum
Malaysia allows 100 percent foreign equity participation in corporate finance and financial planning companies compared with the present requirement of at least 30 per cent local shareholding.
Accounting KLM Services
Malaysia is the perfect place for business, convention and leisurely gatherings. Kuala Lumpur, ranked 5th, is ahead of Paris (6), Dubai (8), Hong Kong (9), Shanghai (15), Los Angeles (16), Las Vegas (17), Moscow (22), Beijing (30), Rio de Janeiro (40) and Mumbai (55)
The difficulties faced by SMEs in adopting ICT led the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to help develop the Malaysia Digital Enterprise Exchange (MDEX), a platform that enabled SMEs to bridge the 'Digital Gap' and spurred the drive the for them to embrace global standards and borderless electronic trading.
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kuala Lumpur International Airport won 2nd place for the Best Airport Worldwide and Best Airport Asia Pacific in the ACI-ASQ Awards 2007. KLIA managed to beat Singapore’s Changi Airport and Hong Kong International, airports noted for their service excellence.
eTurbo News (Global Travel Industry News)
In networked readiness, Malaysia is ranked 27th, ahead of Brazil (61), China (37), India (43), Indonesia (67), the Philippines (85), Russia (80), Thailand (47) and Vietnam (54).
World Economic Forum
In the Connectivity Scorecard 2010 for resource and efficiency driven economies, a measure of the effective use of ICT infrastructure and education improve efficiency, Malaysia is ranked first ahead of Brazil (6), China (17), India (21), Indonesia (20), the Philippines (19), Russia (5), South Africa (2), Thailand (12) and Vietnam (15).
The Connectivity Scorecard
In Management Practices, Malaysia is first amongst 58 countries, beating Australia (11), Brazil (22), China (46), Denmark (2), Germany (25), India (26), Indonesia (40), Ireland (33), Japan (15), The Netherlands (9), the Philippines (32), Russia (50), South Korea (22), Spain (54), Thailand (19), the UK (30) and the US (23).
IMD Business School
When it comes to greater disclosure, greater liability of directors, greater powers of shareholders to challenge a transaction and better investor protection, Malaysia is ahead of Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and Switzerland.
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Malaysia’s services sector contributes 55% to the GDP and accounts for 57% of the country’s total employment. Recognising the growth potential, 27 services sub-sectors covering health and social services, tourism, transport, business and ICT related services have been liberalised with no equity condition imposed.
The Australian Industry Group
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (formerly known as Multimedia Development Corporation) a unique organization established to direct and oversee MSC Malaysia, the national ICT development initiative, by advising the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, developing industry-specific practices and setting the standards for multimedia and digital operations. MDEC is also responsible for promoting MSC Malaysia locally and globally, whilst providing strategic support to MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

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