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What are the benefits of setting up my Global Business Services Centre (GBS Centre) in MSC Malaysia?

a. The MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees, which promises the following benefits:

  1. To provide a world-class physical and information infrastructure.
  2. To allow employment of local and foreign knowledge workers.
  3. To ensure freedom of ownership by exempting companies with MSC Malaysia Status from local ownership requirements.
  4. To give the freedom to source capital globally for MSC Malaysia infrastructure, and the right to borrow funds globally.
  5. To provide competitive financial incentives namely Pioneer Status (100 percent tax exemption) for up to ten years or an Investment Tax Allowance for up to five years and no duties on the importation of multimedia equipment.
  6. To become a regional leader in Intellectual Property Protection and Cyberlaws.
  7. To ensure no censorship of the Internet.
  8. To provide globally competitive telecommunications tariffs.
  9. To tender key MSC Malaysia infrastructure contracts to leading companies willing to use MSC Malaysia as their regional hub.
  10. To provide a high-powered implementation agency to act as an effective one-stop super shop.

Click here for more information on MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees.

What are the requirements in setting up an GBS Centre in MSC Malaysia?
CriteriaSectorForeign MSC CompaniesLocal MSC Companies
HeadcountGBS50 Knowledge Workers*1 in 5 years or 20 Knowledge Workers with Average Salary >= RM10K
(subject to MDEC’s evaluation)
30 Knowledge Workers*1 in 5 years or 20 Knowledge Workers with Average Salary >= RM8K
(subject to MDEC’s evaluation)
ExportsGBS + Data Centers70% exports by 5th year of MSC status20% or RM0.5 million exports*2 by 5th year MSC Status (whichever is lower)
LocationGBS + Data Centers70% of investment*3 within designated areas located30% of investment*3 within designated area located
InvestmentData CentersRM 10 million capital expenditure (CAPEX) in 5 yearsRM 5 million capital expenditure (CAPEX) in 5 years
Note: *1: An individual who holds a tertiary qualification from an institution of higher learning (in any field) or diploma in multimedia/ICT with 2 years relevant experience or foreign workers with knowledge-based skills that are not prevalent in Malaysia. *2: Local GBS companies providing their services to MNCs in Malaysia shall be referred to as “exports” *3: The % is based on combination of CAPEX and OPEX investment value of the Approved MSC Malaysia Activities in the MSC Designated Area.
How did MDEC manage to attract prominent names such as Shell, NTT & DHL to Cyberjaya?
The main reasons are attractive incentives and benefits, competitive cost-in-doing business, excellent infrastructure and process-friendly environment that MSC Malaysia provides.
What are the incentives of being an MSC Malaysia company?
 1. Bill of Guarantees
 2. Powerful branding of the MSC Malaysia status
 3. Access to market access
 4. Access to grants/funds for ICT research and development
Is my GBS Centre limited to setting up in Cyberjaya?
a. No, you are not limited to only setting up in Cyberjaya. Currently there are 25 MSC Malaysia-designated areas where you may set up your operations.
How do I find out more information in setting up an GBS Centre in MSC Malaysia?

Please contact:

MDEC Client Contact Center (CliC)
Toll free no.: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia)
Tel: +603 8315 3000 (outside Malaysia)
Fax: +603 8318 8519
SMS: Type MDEC ASK (your email address)(your inquiries), send to 15888

Are there any grants or funding that can be extended to my GBS Centre operation?
Yes, there are. Please visit the this page for information on grants and funding.
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Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (formerly known as Multimedia Development Corporation) a unique organization established to direct and oversee MSC Malaysia, the national ICT development initiative, by advising the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, developing industry-specific practices and setting the standards for multimedia and digital operations. MDEC is also responsible for promoting MSC Malaysia locally and globally, whilst providing strategic support to MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

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