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Malaysia is well known as one of the top most preferred offshore development center. The reason for such popularity is that Malaysia has a vibrant R&D environment and world-class services industry which is evident by the AT Kearney Global Services Location Index that ranks Malaysia as the world's third most attractive location. The measure was based on 3 main criteria namely Financial Attractiveness, People Skills & Availability and Business Environment.

To-date, nearly 200 foreign and multinational companies have set up regional and global centers in Malaysia, bringing along billions of Ringgit in investment value and creating thousands of job opportunities. These companies are performing various R&D activities in Malaysia.


In the English Proficiency Index done by Education First, Malaysia has been rated the most proficient nation in the use of English among Asian countries where English is not the mother tongue. Work ethics take outmost priority as Malaysia takes the number 1 spot in IMD World Competitiveness ranking, ousting Australia, China and Germany. In the same ranking, Malaysia takes 4th placing in labour market efficiency ahead of Australia, Brazil and China.


In the 2012 IMD World Competitiveness ranking, Malaysia is proud to be among the top 5 Asian countries in the list, beating Australia, United Kingdom and even China. In the Business Efficiency, Malaysia gets the 6th spot compared to 14th from previous year.
This advancement has truly proven that Malaysia is really gearing up to provide the best SSO solution for the multinational companies.


Over the past 17 years, MSC Malaysia has been a vital influencer in Malaysia’s ongoing efforts to develop a highly skilled IT-literate workforce. MSC Malaysia has supported the Malaysian ICT industry through dialogues with leaders from local companies, engagements with leaders from across the world and by performing detailed market research on current market trends to stay ahead of its competitors.

MDEC is taking an even greater role in capturing the imagination and ambitions of young Malaysians in the bid to encourage them to pursue challenging educational courses to join the ICT workforce. MSC Malaysia will link you to the best provider for your R&D needs.



  • Branding & Marketing
  • Financial Intelligence - Basic Accounting & Financial Analysis
  • Sales Ninja Hunter for Growing Companies

Export Advisory

  • Philippines
  • Thailand

Market Accelerator

  • INFOTECH Collaboration with Sedania Group


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Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (formerly known as Multimedia Development Corporation) a unique organization established to direct and oversee MSC Malaysia, the national ICT development initiative, by advising the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, developing industry-specific practices and setting the standards for multimedia and digital operations. MDEC is also responsible for promoting MSC Malaysia locally and globally, whilst providing strategic support to MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

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