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MSC Malaysia Logo
MSC Malaysia Logo
What does the MSC Malaysia Logo represent?

The Logo is based on the concept of a rising sun behind the horizon, signifying the dawning of a new era in Malaysia, to be ushered in with MSC Malaysia. There are three rays emanating from the sun, representing the key elements that MSC Malaysia will bring about: a high-capacity global telecommunications and logistics infrastructure; new policies and Cyberlaws; and an attractive environment in which to live and work.

At the heart of the Logo is a green sphere, emphasizing the environment considerations at the core of Malaysian policy-making and new initiatives. MSC Malaysia will house garden megacities with environment-friendly and intelligent urban-development features. The arch surrounding the sphere symbolizes united strength.

MSC Malaysia is an initiative requiring tight integration and cooperation between many parties including government and private industries, local and foreign investors, and the people of Malaysia as a whole. The success of MSC Malaysia depends upon mutual support and collaboration between these parties The webbed element behind the `sun` represents the hope that companies within MSC Malaysia will form a `web` and set new standards which other companies will comply with. This in turn will help spawn other `webs`, the ultimate goal being to create a perpetually growing and innovating entity.

The design of the webbed element suggests rapid motion to highlight the fast-moving nature of the world of technology in general, and MSC Malaysia in particular.

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Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (formerly known as Multimedia Development Corporation) a unique organization established to direct and oversee MSC Malaysia, the national ICT development initiative, by advising the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, developing industry-specific practices and setting the standards for multimedia and digital operations. MDEC is also responsible for promoting MSC Malaysia locally and globally, whilst providing strategic support to MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

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