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MSC Malaysia Status Application
Is it necessary to have a discussion arranged before any MSC Malaysia-status submission?
Yes. This is to ensure that the submission meets all the application criteria and all documents required are completed. We would be more than delighted to have you see us.
What is our MSC Malaysia-status Certificate serial number?
The Certificate serial number can be found at the bottom right of the MSC Malaysia-status Certificate. Please record and keep this number safely.
How do we know the actual date of approval?
The official date of approval on the MSC Malaysia status for a company refers to the date of the Letter of Approval issued from MDEC to the MSC Malaysia applicant.
How do you classify knowledge workers and do you have a template for reference?

Knowledge Workers (also known as KWs) can be classified as follows:

They are directly involved in technical development and deployment of products and services. They should possess the following qualifications:

  • Five or more years of professional experience in multimedia / ICT industry
  • A university degree or a diploma in multimedia / ICT discipline plus two or more years of related working experience
  • A masters degree or higher in any discipline

As a reference, you may use the template found in the MSC Malaysia Application Guidelines and Form.

My company has been in operation for more than 1 year. Can I apply under the existing entity?
Yes you can. However, you may not enjoy the 100% tax exemption (if you are opting for pioneer status). We would calculate a threshold amount - which is an average of your past years net profit before tax amount (maximum of 3 years). Tax exemption only applies to the amount above your threshold. You would still require paying tax for the threshold amount.
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Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (formerly known as Multimedia Development Corporation) a unique organization established to direct and oversee MSC Malaysia, the national ICT development initiative, by advising the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, developing industry-specific practices and setting the standards for multimedia and digital operations. MDEC is also responsible for promoting MSC Malaysia locally and globally, whilst providing strategic support to MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

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