Why Malaysia

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Malaysia is a vibrant nation with dynamic business environment. Under the Economic Transformation Plan, the private sectors are playing the leading role in moving the nation forward. Government policies are investor-friendly, designed to attract quality investors. Malaysia boasts infrastructure and info structure that are conducive as well as comparable to any developed nations. At the same time, Malaysia continues to produce highly skilled workforce to support the nation’s growth.

Malaysia has always been a preferred destination to many multinational companies. To date there are over 3,600 MSC-status companies from more than 40 countries operating in Malaysia.

Malaysian government through its various agencies consistently develop and implement growth and development programmes to ensure local enterprises meet international standards in various business aspects.

Conforming to international standards in the areas of business performance, operation management, marketing capability, talent development, management capability, innovation and financial capability will ensure local enterprises are equipped to thrive in their fields.
Skill specific programs are organized to continuously develop entrepreneurs and businesses to acquire relevant knowledge and know-how.

Malaysian government is committed to create a dynamic and progressive business environment to ensure potential investors are drawn into a thriving economy.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (formerly known as Multimedia Development Corporation) a unique organization established to direct and oversee MSC Malaysia, the national ICT development initiative, by advising the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, developing industry-specific practices and setting the standards for multimedia and digital operations. MDEC is also responsible for promoting MSC Malaysia locally and globally, whilst providing strategic support to MSC Malaysia Status Companies.

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